Make sure you’re covered today with the right life insurance policy for you.

Although there is a market for the no exam policy, it remains a niche product that is unlikely to take over. Over time, the less reputable companies will eventually be weeded out and it will be easier for those in search of this type of policy to get what they really need for coverage.

The number as well as other forms of life insurance coverage may cause considerable confusion into the new life insurance coverage agent as well as towards the term life insurance consumer. You'll receive a breakdown of the majority of them right here and just how each of them is true to the special requirements.

According to recent research, over 23 million Brits are overweight. This is not just a risk to your health but to your wallet as well, since it affects your life insurance costs as well.

Future Wise now provides life insurance, disability and TPD cover on Macquarie Wrap via a superannuation account. Macquarie Sumo has been upgraded and provides high level cover to advisers across Australia that is not easily attainable any where else. In order to help facilitate the claims process for advisers and their customers new options and new benefits have been added which will enhance Macquarie Life and Future Wise income protection offerings.

Most of the time, while on the search for a life insurance policy to cater to your needs, you will come across advertisements and articles that talk about life insurance with no medical exam. Normally, this will pique your interest and wonder if you can actually get a life insurance no medical exam to be saved from going through the hassle of undergoing one. It might seem and sound unusual and even impossible which is the reason why some people would think that it is nothing but a marketing and promotion strategy. But actually, this type of life insurance really exists.

This is top interest paying scheme and popular in business class. But at the same time this scheme lacks tax savings and required lump sum amount to invest. It also does not come with too long term. No tax benefits and no loan facility available. It also does not provide risk cover.

"Smokers will pay twice the price for critical illness cover than a non-smoker – it’s a no win situation for the smoker, their nicotine addiction is tightening both their heart and purse strings," concluded Mr. Durrell

So how does one battle this price hike? It would make more sense to invest in a combination of plans rather than sticking to just the conventional term insurance. Investing in a traditional insurance and a provident fund might just help the investment money grow. Opting for a monthly income plan could also be smart as these give better average tax free returns. Let us consider an example of a healthy male in his early 30’s who invests in a traditional endowment plan of Rs 20 lakh for a 20 year term. The annual premium is likely to be around Rs 1 lakh per annum depending on his lifestyle. He is likely to get a sum of around 29-30 lakhs at the end of the 20 year term, which is a return of just around 5% on the investment. This return is very less compared to other options including fixed deposits or mutual funds. With this new hike in service tax the return is bound to reduce more.